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Pilates Studio Sea Point Cape Town

PRIVATE BOOKING - one-on-one, duo**, trio**

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GROUP CLASS BOOKING - mat, equipment classes

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See Rates for all pricing options and current promotions.

**Semi Private session charges are adjusted accordingly if 1 or more of the participants can not attend.


This is the right studio for you. All group mat class are limited to 8 clients, and group equipment appointments to only 2 or 3 people per session, to ensure attention to detail and correct, safe movement mechanics.

However we do highly recommend booking into a private appointment first before joining small groups, these sessions are tailored to meet your needs specifically and get you pain free as soon as possible.


Enjoy our spacious change rooms with toilets, showers, hair dryers and everything else you need pre and post class.

We’ve also got lockers for you to utilize for your personal belongings, please bring along a lock.

Our Classes

What We Do

Why Pilates?

Pilates is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.

It increases strength, flexibility, and coordination, resulting in better economy of motion, improved balance and awareness, and better posture.

It is popular among athletes, provides great cross-training and is great for injury alleviation and prevention.

Regular Pilates practice also counteracts many of the everyday problems that have arisen as a result of contemporary, sedentary lifestyles.

About Us

We believe Pilates is a lifestyle, what you learn in the studio is how you improve your movement outside the studio. Our vision is to see our clients living their best life; whether it is improving performance in athletic endeavors, retraining post injury, or simply staying pain free, Pilates can help.

Join a semi private appointment; one-on-one, duo or trio, on state-of-the-art Pilates equipment, or dive into a small group mat class. If Pilates is your passion and you’d like to turn it into your career, Living Life Pilates is also a teacher training host location for BASI Pilates.

We have something for all.

Teacher Training

Body Arts and Science International (BASI®) Pilates is an internationally recognised teacher training course.

For more info or to register for Mat or Comprehensive Equipment teacher trainings here in South Africa follow the link below.

Our Rates

Semi-Private Rates

*5 package available at 50% 10 package rates.

senior instructors
apprentice instructors


Drop In R510
10 package

Drop In R470
10 package

Drop In R350
10 package

Per Person:

Drop In R350
10 package R325 (exp 4months)

Drop In R300
10 package R270 (exp 4months)

Per Person:

Drop In R270
10 package R245 (exp 4months)

x1.5 rates on Saturdays, x2 rates on Sundays

Mat Rates

students/pensioners 20% off

Drop In R180

12 mat package R1620

(exp 4 months)

8 mat package R1000(exp 2 months)
Mat monthly 12 package R960(exp 1 months)

Equipment Classes

students/pensioners 20% off

Drop In R270

12 equipment class package R2940

(exp 4 months)

8 equipment class package R1880(exp 2 months)

Combo mat & equipment

students/pensioners 20% off

Combo 8 R1320

1 mat/1 trio weekly
(exp monthly)

Combo 12m R1760

2 mat/1 trio weekly
(exp monthly)

Combo 12t R22001 mat/2 trios weekly
(exp monthly)

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