Terms & Conditions

Living Life Pilates trading as BASI Pilates Academy Cape Town

BASI Pilates Academy (BPA) Cape Town hereto refers to the registered business Living Life Pilates.


Assessment: All new clients are required to do a minimum* of 1 Private Assessment session before commencing with their Pilates practice. In this session we will discuss your personal requirements and reasons for starting Pilates, your posture and basic movement mechanics and the foundation principles that make Pilates such an effective movement modality.
*5 Privates sessions are recommended before joining group classes

Private or Semi Private: The sessions are personalised, limited to 1 or 2 clients, tailored to the requirements of the clients specifically so as to work towards the needs and goals of the individual. The session is booked at an agreed upon time, recurring at least once* weekly until notice is given that it is no longer required.
*twice weekly is recommended

Group Classes: Group equipment classes never exceed 3 people, and mat classes are limited to 10 participants to ensure a high standard of teaching, and quality execution of movement. Booking/rescheduling/canceling of group classes is the sole responsibility of the client, these changes can be managed via your online profile on our studio booking system.
*5 Privates sessions are recommended before joining group classes


All payment is required in advance.

  • Via an email invoice followed by an electronic or PayPal transfer
  • In studio in advance when booking for upcoming sessions or purchasing a pack renewal – we accept credit cards, cash and snapscan.

Rates: In accordance to current inflation rates, we reserve the right to increase our fees annually. Clients will be notified of any increase one month in advance of such increase. Please note that 1.5 times rate apply on Saturdays and 2 times rate on Sundays.

Private booking: Private bookings are arranged via email with the studio manager or instructor directly and sessions booked at a suitable time for both parties. Please note that 1.5 times rate apply on Saturdays and 2 times rate on Sundays.

Group class booking: All group class bookings need to be made online via our website on a first come first serve basis, and payment made upfront. Tracking of group class package expiry and sessions remaining is the responsibility of the client. Expiry dates will not be extended unless medical reasons restrict you from continuing your practice, in which case appropriate documentation is required.


Early cancellation: A strict 12 hour cancellation policy applies in order to cancel or reschedule your session without charge.
Late cancellation: Late cancellations will be charged in full due to the demand for regular times and limited studio space and equipment. Unfortunately no exceptions can be made.
Planned Absence: Please provide a two week notice period for any planned absence so that alternative arrangements can be made to fill your session time slot. A 30% retainer will be required for periods of absence longer than 1 month if you wish to secure your time slot for your return.
Client Illness: Please use your discretion and consideration when feeling unwell. Rather plan ahead to rest and reschedule your session in advance. This avoids late cancel charges and the potential of infecting others. Instructor’s reserve the rights to refuse teaching clients who arrive ill.


Holidays: The studio is closed on all major South African public holidays and weekends. We do not offer group classes on public holidays. Should you wish to have a private session on a public holiday or weekend, a request must be made within a reasonable time frame and discussed with the Pilates Practitioner or studio manager. Please refer to T’s & C’s regarding weekend rates for private sessions.

Teacher Trainings: As the BASI Pilates Teacher Training host location, we are committed to hosting a number of teacher training courses and workshops throughout the year. Clients and instructors will receive advanced notice of these events and every attempt will be made to minimize disruption to normal studio hours and sessions rescheduled where needed.

Instructor absence: In the case of illness, continuing education, or personal commitment, on the Pilates Practitioner’s part, every attempt to find a replacement Practitioner will be made.


Termination: Outside of exceptional circumstances and as agreed upon by both the Pilates Practitioner and Client; a 30 day notice period of contract termination, is required.
Refunds/Transfers: Unused sessions will not be refunded or transferred unless medical reasons restrict you from continuing your practice, in which case appropriate documentation is required.



Attire: Please wear appropriate and comfortable workout clothing that allows you to move freely. Please be respectful of your instructor and those around you and ensure your clothing covers sensitive areas adequately to avoid indecent exposure during your movement practice.
Hygiene: We kindly request that you be mindful of your personal hygiene, particularly clean feet, before the start of your session.


Arriving: Please be patient if the studio door is closed and locked on arrival. To avoid disruption to others during their appointments, the door will only be opened between sessions.
Run time: Sessions run for 55mins and will not be extended if you arrive late. Should you not arrive within 15mins of your appointment start time, the session will be considered a late cancel, charged as such and the instructor will be free to leave.


By taking sessions with us you agree to be observed by teacher training students. Thank you for your understanding.

We reserves the right to film and/or photograph any clients training at the studio. We ensure that content used will always be sensitive and respectful to the clients and always uphold the high standard we set at BPA Cape Town.

Cellular phones must be turned on silent before entering the studio. In the event that you need to take a call, please do so in the foyer and not in the studio space. Kindly notify the instructor of any expectant calls as to minimize disruptions of sessions / classes.