At Living Life Pilates, we offer one-on-one, duet and trio sessions, as well as mat classes, all from our location in Sea Point, Cape Town. Visit What We Charge for schedule and rates.

BASI® host studio

Living Life Pilates offers BASI® Pilates Mat Work Teacher Training (MTTC), Comprehensive Teacher Training Course (CTTC), and regularly presents and hosts workshops.

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Pilates For All

Pilates is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle for one and all. It increases strength, flexibility, and coordination, resulting in better economy of motion, improved balance and awareness, and better posture. It is popular among athletes, provides great cross-training and is great for injury alleviation and prevention. Regular Pilates practice also counteracts many of the everyday problems that have arisen as a result of contemporary, sedentary lifestyles.

Pilates For Men

When Joseph Pilates first developed his training method, it was actually with the male physique in mind. Men of all ages, body types, and fitness levels suffer from many of the same niggles and physical restrictions, and Joseph sought to address these through Pilates. The method’s progressive approach makes it accessible to all men and it has also been found to be excellent cross-training for any other sport or exercise.

Pilates For Pregnancy
Pilates For Pregnancy Thumb

Pilates is an excellent training method for pregnant moms. It can be practiced throughout pregnancy, up until days before labour. It provides a host of benefits least of which is strengthening the stomach, back and pelvic floor muscles, all essential for a happy, healthy pregnancy. It will also reduce back pain, improve balance, and help pregnant moms develop better breathing patterns. Our team of experienced instructors have successfully trained a number of women through their pregnancies, and kept up training afterwards helping them bounce back quickly and safely.